Hotels in Acre, Nahariya Israel

Hotels and guest rooms in kibbutzim in the Western Galilee, and Hotels in Acre, Nehariya.
The western Galilee region in the northern part of the country and its geographic location
near the Mediterranean Sea is an ancient region whose history is recorded over 5000 years ago.
 The Western Galilee has always been inhabited and the main city is the city of Akko.
 Historical finds and milestones in Acre can be seen today.

The tomb of Deborah the prophetess, the residence of Jonathan the Hasmonean during
 the Second Temple period, is the port of Acre, which is mentioned many times in the
 scriptures along with the ancient port of Jaffa, where Maimonides In the first attempt
 at settlement in the Land of Israel, the Turkish bath in the city that was built during the
 Talmudic period, the knights' halls that tell of the Crusader occupation in the Land of Israel
 to Napoleon Bonaparte Hill, which tried to smash the walls of the city and conquer it
without success.

The new Jewish settlement began at the beginning of the 20th century with the completion
of the Akko-Nahariya road, which accelerated the new settlement of cities such as Acre and
 Nahariya, many kibbutzim around, the most unique of which is Kibbutz Ness Ammim, built
 by volunteers who love Israel from the United States and Europe